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baked chai oatmeal

Chai baked oatmeal with blueberries

During the week, I try to sleep until the very last moment before I have to get ready for work…. Continue reading »

farro stuffing

Farro stuffing

 Every year when I prepare Thanksgiving dinner, I make two different stuffings, the classic bread stuffing and a rice stuffing…. Continue reading »

mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes with cauliflower

 Mashed potatoes are always a must-have on the dinner table for Thanksgiving. You can swap out the candied yams for… Continue reading »

roasted kabocha squash (14)

Cinnamon spiced roasted kabocha squash

I have to say, one of the many perks of being a food blogger is that when the holidays come… Continue reading »

mushroom gravy

Savory mushroom and thyme gravy

 Well, it’s finally here – the month of November! Only 3 more weeks until the glorious holiday of giving thanks… Continue reading »

meyer lemon waffles

Meyer lemon waffles

 This week I’ve been exploring meyer lemon waffles, starting with meyer lemon chicken picatta, followed by meyer lemon pull apart… Continue reading »

meyer lemon pull apart bread

Meyer lemon pull apart bread

Continuing this week in meyer lemon recipes, here comes meyer lemon pull apart bread! I’ve made a savory pizza pull… Continue reading »

meyer lemon chicken picatta

Meyer lemon chicken picatta

When I was working at my first restaurant, there was one dessert I was in charge of making, the meyer lemon… Continue reading »

hiyashi chuka

Hiyashi chuka

After discovering a new Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood, I found a new obsession. I rarely visit restaurants as often… Continue reading »

pork sisig burrito

Pork sisig burrito

Just when I thought this week couldn’t seem longer, my car broke down on me. Stuck at the market with… Continue reading »

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