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cajun potatoes (6)

Cajun spiced potato wedges

I love potatoes. Sweet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, Japanese yams, purple potatoes, baked, fried, steamed, mashed, they’re all acceptable in my… Continue reading »

eggplant caprese (17)

Grilled eggplant caprese

Spring just arrived but I’m already preparing foods suited for the summer. I love my winter (or what we call… Continue reading »

viet vermicelli (11)

Vietnamese caramelized pork and vermicelli salad

Whenever I go to a Vietnamese restaurant, I always have the same dilemma. Should I order pho, a rice plate,… Continue reading »

black bean hummus tartine

Black bean hummus tartine

As much as I love a big ole’ steak, I often find myself contemplating on whether or not I should… Continue reading »

butterscotch budino

Butterscotch Budino

Okay I admit, it’s been while since I’ve posted a new recipe. I blame my suddenly busy schedule trying to… Continue reading »

bacon and cheese waffle (3)

Eggs Florentine on bacon and cheese waffles

I probably have more food addictions than a normal person should have. Granted, I rotate between these addictions, sometimes craving… Continue reading »

bruleed garden minestrone

Bruleed garden minestrone soup

The first time I ever tasted minestrone soup was in college. Yes, I was late in the game, but better… Continue reading »


Salmon and quinoa salad with basil pistou

When you work in a restaurant, you immediately make a mental list of tasks you enjoy completing and others that… Continue reading »

udon (23)

Japanese udon noodle soup

During my college days, I ate the same three meals everyday, spam and egg fried rice, turkey sandwich and udon… Continue reading »

tricolore pi (9)

Copycat CPK’s Tricolore salad pizza

Many, many years ago, I had accepted a position as a hostess at California Pizza Kitchen, a large chain restaurant… Continue reading »

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