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Forbidden rice horchata

Whenever I go eat tacos at a local restaurant in Los Angeles, I always have to ask myself if I… Continue reading »

banana egg rolls

Banana egg rolls with salted caramel

Being a private chef can have its challenges. One of them is constantly coming up with creative dishes to impress… Continue reading »

braised beef stew noodles

Chinese braised beef stew noodles

Being in a relationship while trying to go on a diet can have its challenges. Men have faster metabolisms and… Continue reading »

grilled radicchio salad

Grilled radicchio salad

When grilled lettuce salads first broke out, it was not well received. I remember watching a reality cooking competition show… Continue reading »

buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo chicken dip

A couple days ago I attended my very first house warming party. Though she wasn’t the first to move out,… Continue reading »

maple bacon scones

Maple bacon scones

Not too long ago, I shared my recent new found love for scones, strawberry basil buttermilk scones to be exact…. Continue reading »

cookies and cream cupcakes

Cookies and cream cupcakes

Take me to any ice cream shop, soda fountain restaurant, gelato store and I will almost always order cookies and… Continue reading »

seafood scallion pancake

Seafood scallion pancake (Hae mul pa jeon)

Even though I am a professional chef, I like to think that I am not picky about food. I am… Continue reading »

strawberry basil scones

Strawberry basil buttermilk scones

I still remember the first time I saw and tasted scones. I was eyeing the beautiful display of scones while ordering… Continue reading »

smores banana sandwich melt

S’mores banana sandwich melt

Fourth of July is just around the corner, two days away to be exact. For the holiday weekend, I’m whisking… Continue reading »

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