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cheese stuffed meatball sub

Gouda stuffed meatball sub

There are certain times when a random food craving hits and lingers until I am satisfied. This time around, it… Continue reading »

vegetable provencal

Vegetable provencal with polenta

Today is, perhaps for the second or third time in my life, Meatless Monday day! I’m a meat lover by… Continue reading »

black pepper biscuits

Black pepper buttermilk biscuits

For the longest time, I always struggled with making fluffy biscuits. They tasted good but never rose as high as… Continue reading »

grilled figs

Grilled figs with brandy snaps and coconut ice cream

Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I had my first mini-vacation in over an year… Continue reading »

strawberry glazed ribs

Strawberry glazed ribs

For the past almost two years, I’ve been cooking for a pescatarian and vegan, so you can imagine my excitement… Continue reading »

kalbi tacos

Kalbi tacos

I know I’m a bit late on joining the Korean-Mexican fusion bandwagon, but I finally decided to jump on board…. Continue reading »

tomato tart

Campari tomato tart with whipped goat cheese

Whenever I think of tomato tarts, I remember the first time I made them at my previous job as a… Continue reading »

tostones mochimeros

Tostones mochimeros

If I could, I would choose to be bi-coastal, traveling from the west coast to the east coast whenever I… Continue reading »

taste of nature (29)

Taste of Nature

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending it in the wine city, Temecula, in California. A friend… Continue reading »

green tea roll cake

Green tea roll cake with white chocolate mousse

Roll cakes and I have a love-hate relationship. From a young age, I always enjoyed having a roll cake for… Continue reading »

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