valentines day desserts

It’s February which means Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away. As a woman, I find that it is particularly difficult to find a suitable present for my significant other. The man can buy flowers and chocolate and be done with it but what about the woman? What gift can we buy that won’t break the bank but still be appreciated? Why we have the power of baking! I admit, I’m giving into the stereotype of woman in the kitchen, but just this instance, I’m allowing it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the man can’t bake any of these sweets either (and men, trust me, you will be showered with thanks!). Below is a list of my favorite desserts that can be made for Valentine’s that will impress your loved ones. 


sour cream coffee cake

1. Sour cream coffeecake is a light, moist coffeecake topped with a cinnamon chocolate crumble. Enjoy this snack for breakfast, midday with a cup of coffee or as a perfect ending to a meal.


upside-down almond tart

2. Upside down almond fudge cake is incredibly easy to prepare yet is beautiful to look at. Chock full of almonds with a rich chocolate cake, what can be better?


s'more cupcakes

3. Everything you love in a s’more is made into cupcakes. S’more cupcakes have a graham cracker crust, chocolate cake, and marshmellow frosting that is torched to perfection. Top with chocolate for an extra touch.


banana chocolate coconut cake

4. Bake an entire cake to really impress your loved ones! Banana chocolate coconut cake has 3 layers of banana coconut cake, is frosted with chocolate whipped cream, topped with a dark chocolate ganache and finished with toasted shredded coconut…seconds anyone?


coconut mocha cupcakes

5. Coconut mocha cupcakes have a light, moist chocolate cake base and is frosted with mocha buttercream. This cupcake wouldn’t be complete without lightly toasted coconut – every bite will have you wanting more.


chocolate souffle

6. Another great dessert for all the chocolate lovers: double chocolate souffle drizzled with a warm chocolate sauce.  Since it’s a souffle, this dessert is not too sweet and will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 



7. Only want a little chocolate? Make chocolate dipped cannoli dipped in pistachios for the perfect bite size dessert. Cannoli shells can be made fresh or purchased and are filled with a ricotta creme filling. 


banana whoopie pies

8. Not a big fan of chocolate? Make these banana whoopie pies with vanilla bean frosting instead for a healthier dessert. The banana cakes are reminiscent of a moist banana bread and are sandwiched with a vanilla bean frosting. 


pistachio cake with meyer lemon glaze

9. For any who are gluten-free, try this amazing pistachio cake with meyer lemon glaze. The cake is made from ground pistachios to give a nutty, moist cake. Finished with a tart meyer lemon glaze and serve with fresh berries for a complete dessert.



10. Saving the best for last, if you really want to go all out, make your own cronuts! Pipe a maple custard into these flaky, buttery donuts or coat with a cinnamon sugar mix. Either way, your date will be swooning over these croissant and donut hybrid desserts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!